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Until the 1st week of May CAB, Mentor Bonus and FSQ used to be bonuses calculated and paid on weekly basis. The weekly bonuses are gone now. They are now called Live Bonuses and are visible on the dashboard in your Business Back Office. 


EQ Pure Arctic Oil Sample Box


EQ Shake


Eqology Cruise 2018 to the Caribbean



Campaign 1 – 1st week of May (1st-7th)


Campaign 2 May 1st-31st 2017


EQ Business Kits Campaign


Congrats from all of us in Eqology!


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EQ Spring Convention 2017


EQ Spring Convention 2017

Date: Saturday April 29th – Sunday April 30th 2017

Place:  Scandic Oslo Airport

Have you not bought you ticket yet? You can purchase this on

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New EQ Gold President


We would like to congratulate our new EQ Gold President Markus Stadlmann from Austria.

We are very happy to have you on our team and look forward to all the great work we will do together moving forward.

Big congrats from all of us in EQOLOGY.

New EQ Business Kits!


See our new EQ Business Kits that now are added to the webshop.

CAMPAIGN VALID THROUGH 31.01.17: 50% extra QV on EQ Kits.

Our new Omega-3 Test Kit will be available early Q2 2017.

EQ December Campaign




November News


All orders that should apply towards the campaign with extra QV must be approved and paid by Wednesday 30th November at. 4:00 p.m. Orders that are approved after this will not provide additional QV.

EQ Vitamin K2 and The New Economy



We have two new videos that we launched in Copenhagen: EQ Vitamin K2 and The New Economy.

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In Copenhagen, we have presented five exciting news for both new and existing Business Partners in our Compensation Plan.

A new CAB 3-6-9 for customers with a new CAB Accelerator Program and one Banking Solution for Rank Advancement Bonus and Arctic Challenge.


See our Compensation Plan

New ranks in September



Congrats from all of us in Eqology!

September was an amazing month and we are happy to announce that we have several new high ranks. Congrats to all our 3 New Diamond Ambassadors, 2 New Diamond Presidents, 3 New Platinum Presidents, 4 new Gold Presidents and several new Presidents and Vice Presidents. We also congratulate our winners of EQ Excellence Award.




01.07.16 We want as many Business Partners as possible join us on the cruise in the lovely Mediterranean and we’ll give you the opportunity to earn some extra points for your effort in July. 



01.07.2016 The tickets were sold out in less than an hour and we are currently working to provide more seats. If you haven’t gotten hold of a ticket yet, please feel free to contact customer service to join the waiting list. 



Double FSQ

call-201.07.16 Get EUR 117,5 extra – in total EUR 235. 

All new fast start qualified get 235 EUR paid along with their weekly bonus 

The campaign is valid until the end of September. 



18.05.16 It is now possible to book hotel rooms at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel with Eqolgys discount.

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11.05.16 Did you miss this week’s corporate call? Read a summary of the presentation here

Changes in 3FF program, valid from June the 1st


10.05.2016 From the 1st of June any EQ Kit counts as a paid product, meaning that you no longer need to purchase one of the 3FF product the first month to get it for free the next month.  3FF customers doesn’t count as a paid customer and you can maximum receive a quantity of two of each product for free pr. month.

From the 1st of June there is no limit for how many free products a customer can receive each month. It is also no longer necessary for customers to acquire new customers if one or several of their 3FF customers qualify to receive free products.

We hope that these changes will motivate loyal customers to recommend our EQ products to friends and family. We also believe that this will lead to a higher income for our Business Partners and increasing sales for Eqology. 

Read more about the customer 3FF conditions 

Read more about the Business Partner 3FF conditions



21.04.2016 Eqology’s autumn event will take place on September 30th – October 2nd at Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel in Denmark. 

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cruise-8-2 (2)08.01.16 Join Eqology and hundreds of other EQ Business Partner colleagues on one of the most luxurious cruise ships in the lovely Mediterranean.

You can already now PRE Qualify!

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copm-plan-230.11.15 Get updated on our new campaigns and other exciting business news in our

EQ Compensation Plan. 

Eqology launches Pure Arctic Oil 10-Pack


19.11.15 You now got the chance to supply your personal inventory so that everyone will get the chance to taste and try our fantastic Pure Arctic Oil.



kickoff_2016_biz 10.11.15 This weekend at the Take Off we revealed the location for our Kick Off in 2016. Mark the 1st-3rd of April in your calendar and we’ll see you in Oslo!

Ticket to EQ Take Off 2015


25.08.15 Everyone who buys one of our two largest EQ Business Kits for EUR 410 or 710 now also get 1 ticket to our next big EQ Take Off 2015 in Gothenburg! See you there! 

See all our Business Kits here »

EQ First Look to campaign price


EQ First Look is a business presentation that gives a short introduction to how it is to work as an Eqology Business Partner. Here is your chance to stock up on our new EQ First Look at a great price!


EQ Campaigns lasting through Oct 31st 2015


04.08.15 We are launching 3 new and exciting EQ Campaigns lasting through Oct 31st. Make sure your organization takes advantage of this opportunity.


We are launching i.a an entirely new EQ Business Kit


04.08.15 We are launching an entirely new EQ Business Kit that gives double QV in August, as well as some other business news.


New titles in July


04.08.15 Congratulations to all who have achieved new titles and good results in July.

EQ Boot Camp 2015


14.07.15 We are kicking off the rest of 2015! Eqology has many exciting plans for the final part of 2015. To ensure the best possible kick off after the summer, we want to invite those who have the time and opportunity to get together the first weekend of August. 

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Double QV + BV in July


01.07.15 Our three biggest Business Kits give double QV and BV all of July: EQ Arctic Business Kit for EUR 410,-, EQ Business Kit+ for EUR 410,- and EQ Professional Business Kit+ for EUR 710,-. 

See all our EQ Business Kits here

Double CAB in July


01.07.15 You will now get double CAB for all new customers that purchase the EQ Pure Arctic Oil subscription w/ 1 or 2 tests during July. The bonus is activated once you have more than 3 new customers. 3 new customers in July will give you double CAB + 3 FOR FREE + EQ Gives Back

Learn more about CAB here

EQ Gives Back

Cropped shot of three casual coworkers using wireless technology

25.06.15 You will now get EQ Gives Back on all EQ Pure Arctic Oil 12 mth subscriptions for EUR 77,40 that you sell to your customers. 

In other words, if one of your customers purchases 3 x EQ Pure Arctic Oil 12 mth subscriptions for EUR 77,40 for themselves and others in the same household, you will get 3 x EQ Omega-6/Omega-3 Ratio Tests for free. It doesn’t get any easier!


FAQ – EQ Pure Arctic Oil

Frequently Asked Questions Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

12.05.15 We have prepared an FAQ that is solely about our new product EQ Pure Arctic Oil. If there is something you are wondering about you cannot find the answer to here, please contact our customer service at 


EQ Compensation Plan

29.04.15 Our EQ Compensation Plan is now updated with news from EQ Kick Off. Study the Compensation Plan to make sure that you have understood everything. Here are the highlights: 

• EQ Gives Back – register 3 customers with EQ Pure Arctic Oil subscription and get 3 new tests for FREE.
• EQ Arctic Challenge – The campaign is valid through July 31st, 2015.
• Fast Start Qualified Bonus – The campaign is valid through July 31st, 2015.
• 3 FOR FREE – now also with EQ Pure Arctic Oil 





27.04.15 EQ Pure Arctic Oil and everything around it is now launched and we are extremly happy with how everything went at the event. The response was fantastic –  to the oil, the design, the films, the test, the material, the prices, the subscriptions, «gives back», the campaigns etc. 

There has probably never been more enthusiasm and optimism after an event than what we now experience. Everything is ready for a flying start, so now it is time to seize the opportunity and keep a good pace. 


New! EQ Pure Arctic Oil


25.04.15 EQ Pure Arctic Oil – Pure omega-3 oil from 100 % Arctic wild fish with cold-pressed olive oil and vitamin D3 – and an added fresh lemon flavour.

EQ Pure Arctic Oil contains pure omega-3 oil from cod, fished from the nutritious, Arctic waters off the Norwegian coast. The oil contains no other fish oils or synthetic additives. The fish oil is MSC and CoC certified, and originates from Norwegian sustainable fishing industry. We have also added polyphenols from a cold-pressed olive oil, vitamin D3 and a fresh lemon flavour. 



EQ Kick Off 2015 – The launch of a new and exciting product

Startup Business

20.04.15 At EQ Kick Off 2015 we will, among other things, be launching our so far most exciting product – EQ Pure Arctic Oil. You can already start listing up the customers that want to order this product on a waiting list. To make it easy for you and for your customers, we have made a list for you so you can fill in the necessary information. 

Download your waiting list here.

Tapas dinner and EQ Party at VU in Oslo


15.04.15 A tapas dinner and Saturday’s Kick Off Party will be held at VU in Oslo. You can order your dinner ticket in the webshop and pick it up at the registration desk at the event. For those of you who only wish to join the party, please bring your EQ Kick Off badge to the entrance (free entrance). 

Tapas dinner: 9 p.m. – 10 p.m. 
Dinner price: 23,50 EUR

EQ Party: 10 p.m. 
Adress: Hegdehaugsveien 24, Oslo
Dress code: Casual 


Get a free drink voucher


14.04.15 Registrer for the event within the 20th of April and receive a free drink voucher for Saturday’s EQ Party. 



New! EQ Active Multi Cream


01.04.15 After receiving a good deal of feedback and good tips from our customers about different usages, our popular foot cream is now back – as a universal cream. EQ Active Multi Cream is a soothing cream for all skin types. It is well suited to treating specific problematic areas and has a lovely fragrance of natural eucalyptus oil.


EQ Shake – cappuccino


01.04.15 EQ Shake is a unique full dietary and meal replacement that provides only 215 kcal mixed with semi skimmed milk. The product is exclusively made from the finest raw materials and ingredients, and contains 60% high quality protein (26 g per meal), BCAA (branched chain amino acids), 12 vitamins, 11 minerals, complex carbohydrates with a low GI, fiber and essential fatty acids. EQ Shake with cappuccino flavour is available while stock last!


EQ Business Bag


10.03.15 Large business bag of good quality with embroidered EQOLOGY logo. Satchel with embroidered logo, sturdy handle and removable shoulder strap. Now we have reduced the price to only 29 €!


EQ Shake Mars Deal


09.03.15 You can now get an EQ Multichi Energy FOR FREE if you take advantage of our promotional offer and order a 2-pack of EQ Shake as an auto order in March. The offer is valid until 31th of March. 


EQ Business Kit = Ticket to EQ Kick Off 2015


04.03.15 Those that buy one of our four largest EQ Business Kits during March and April also get tickets to our next big EQ Kick Off 2015.

EQ Professional Business Kit + and EQ Promo Business Kit 1 = 2 tickets 
EQ Business Kit + and EQ Promo Business Kit 2 = 1 ticket

Find our selection of EQ Business Kits here

EQ Cruise qualification


04.03.15 Several EQ Brand Partners have already, during February, managed to pre-qualify for our fantastic EQ Cruise.    



EQ Anti Age offer

03.03.15 You can now get an EQ Age Resist Oil FOR FREE in your first package if you take advantage of our promotional offer and order our new collagen product EQ Anti Age Collagen Premium for 3 months. 




20.02.15 EQ Anti Age Collagen Premium is our new, exciting collagen product with the added ingredients Matcha Green Tea and Sea-buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides). EQ Anti Age Collagen Premium has a unique combination of peptides, amino acids, and vitamins. 


Eqology Lifestyle Tour

cruise_2016_ny_m_logo03.02.15 Join the next EQ Lifestyle Tour 2016 with Eqology. This will be an unforgettable experience on one of the World’s most luxurious cruise ships on the lovely Caribbean. All you need to do to qualify is to accumulate enough points and to be at minimum an active EQ Vice President. Three EQ Brand Partners have already managed to pre-qualify for the trip, and more are on their way! 


New phone hours (Oslo office)

kundeservice303.02.15 There is a trend towards more electronic and written communication, and less phone calls. Because of this the EQ Customer Service at the Oslo main office is changing it’s phone hours: 

Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. (GMT +1:00) 

Note that you can also contact us by e-mail.

Now it is even easier


02.02.15 We have made it easier from the month of February 2015. 

Read more about our improvements here

EQ Kick Off 2015

hotel_kick_off_201519.01.15 Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel and SmartHotel are offering good deals for hotel rooms for those participating in the EQ Kick Off in April. The deadline to book a room is the 6th of March. 





EQ Shake fight

shake_campaign_jan_2015_competition13.01.15 Here are the latest standings in our extremely popular EQ Shake Competition. Remember that we are counting all sales on the EQ Double Shake Campaign to both new and existing customers. Lene Aakre Nilsen and Camilla Stene are currently on a shared 1st place. 

Top ranking: 
Lene Aakre Nilsen
Camilla Stene
Lene Larsen
Monicha Rud
Heidi Møller
Hilde Marie Løkås
Rikke & Kim Sømod
Cecilie Grønli
Arild Bye
Kathrin Elisabeth Tennøy
Birgitta Almind Nielsen
Vibecke Steinsvik Parr
Nils Gunnar Bjerke
Louise Barslev Larsen
Lasse Hamsund Larsen 
Stein Are Hansen
Eli Johanne Birkeland
Betina Risom
Anita Kingo Makan 



The best will be awarded!!

shake_campaign_jan_2015_competition08.01.15 Our popular EQ Shake competition will continue also now in January. The three Brand Partners who have sold the most EQ Double Shakes in January will be awarded a ticket to the EQ Kick Off in Oslo this April and hotel accommodation for the whole weekend. If one of our top three in December also make it to the top three in January, they will get 5 extra tickets to the Kick Off in April! The campaign is valid for both new and existing customers who take advantage of our campaign offer and buy an EQ Shake 2-pack in January. 

Read more about our EQ Shake offer here


The EQ Tour 2015 begins today


08.01.15 Our EQ Tour 2015 begins today, and the first stop is Tallinn. We have many exciting announcements to make and fresh news to share, so you don’t want to miss this. Find out when we are visiting nearest to you.


EQ Lifestyle Tour 2016

08.01.15 Join the next EQ Lifestyle Tour 2016 with Eqology. This will be an unforgettable experience on one of the World’s most luxurious cruise ships on the lovely Caribbean. All you need to do to qualify is to accumulate enough points and to be at minimum an active EQ Vice President. 


Don´t miss tonight’s webinar

borre06.01.15 We have started the year 2015 and our International EQ Tour is just around the corner. 

Børre Gjersvik will be giving us some good news and exciting information tonight, Tuesday the 6th of January, at 7:00 P.M. (GMT +1:00) – Stay Tuned! 

This webinar will be held in Norwegian for our Scandinavian speakers. The same call will be held in English tomorrow, Wednesday the 7th of January, at 7:00 P.M. (GMT +1:00)


Register for the Norwegian webinar here
Register for the English webinar here






EQ Double Shake Campaign continues

shake_campaign_jan_2015_chocolate_ny02.01.15 EQ Shake double campaign ended on Wednesday the 31st. A success for all who participated. The campaign is even more relevant in January, when everyone is taking time to think about changes in their lifestyle.

EQ Shake is ideal for anyone who wants a good start to the New Year. Take the opportunity and use this ultimate January product to get off to a flying start in 2015. 




3 FOR FREE – now also includes EQ Everyday


Improvements in the Compensation Plan

10.12.14 The following improvements in the Compensation Plan were announced during the corporate call last night 09.12.14:

1. PCC for customers’ customers – effective from 01.11.14
We will include customers’ customers in the PCC for the nearest BP in the Sponsor Tree. This provides a unique opportunity for Brand Partners to promote our 3FF-concept to their customers.

2. Remove personally sponsored legs for active titles – effective from 01.01.15
It will no longer be necessary to have 3 personally sponsored legs to achieve a title, but you still need 3 personally sponsored to become Fast Start Qualified (10 % Coaching Commission).

3. The first 30/60 days – effective from 10.12.14
The countdown now no longer begins from when you order your Business Kit, but from when you sponsor in or have your first Brand Partner placed under you. 

New First Look brochure, app and business presentation

fl10.12.14 The app and the brochure are updated in NO/EN, other languages will become available as they are finished.   

You can see the brochure here:

EQ First Look brosjyre NO 
EQ First Look brosjyre EN

You can purchase printed copies here.

You can find the updated business presentation here




EQ Double Shake Campaign

eq_double_shake_campaign_chocolate_ny09.12.14 Both new and existing customers can now get a FREE EQ Multichi Energy in December if they take advantage of our campaign and buy a 2-pack of EQ Shake as an auto order. 

All orders need to be registered and paid during December. Everyone can buy as many 2-packs as they wish, but remember that they have to do so using the EQ Double Shake Campaign.

The three EQ Brand Partners that sell the most 2-packs will get a prize. 


Our best Boot Camp ever

boot_camp_2014_alle_80009.12.14 Eqology have had many successful events, but this was the absolutely most emotional event ever. Strong personal feelings from central EQ distributors gave us lasting impressions to take with us in our business during the years to come. 
When we  left Holmenkollen Park Hotel on Sunday afternoon, we took with us a strong and positive understanding of the path forward – both short-term and in the long run. Børre’s session Saturday morning left us feeling strong in the belief that we are, together, going to raise up to a new level. 
News from the event will be published here under “news” as it is prepared. 

EQ Christmas Calendar 2014

christmas_calendar_nett01.12.14 Join us in our EQ Christmas Countdown. Answer a few simple questions and you have a chance to win great Eqology prizes – every day! It’s fun and easy.

We will also draw one lucky winner of a 3 month subscription of EQ Everyday PLUS (value: 236.40 €) among those who have given the correct answer to each of the daily questions throughout the competition. 

You can find our Christmas Calendar on our official FACEBOOK PAGE and here on our website EQOLOGY.COM. 





Boot Camp 2014

eqdiamonds24.11.14 The EQ Diamonds give us the formula – the steps to take from the day you begin your career. Your and my way to the top – everyone’s recipe for success. 




Main speakers Boot Camp 2014

speakers_collage_all_218.11.14 Eqology proudly presents a fully loaded program for our Boot Camp at the honorable Holmenkollen Park. Here is a handful of who are going to be a part of preparing us for 2015. We will be saving Lisa & Curtis for the great EQ kick off 2015, while this weekend we will be latching on to internal and local forces, known by many but not by all. Look out for surprises. 


New CEO of Eqology

borre_frank_214.11.14 After 11 years as Eqology’s CEO Frank Bjordal makes way for Børre Gjersvik to take the helm. 

Eqology made an immediate boost the day Frank joined the company 11 years ago. During that time the company has gone through some significant changes with new products and product concepts, groundbreaking changes in name and design and now the very well received Compensation Plan.

Børre Gjersvik has been with us now nearly a year as Executive Vice President, and has during this time gotten well acquainted with both the company and its key distributors. Børre is well versed in network marketing from his eight years with Herbalife as Nordic Director, during which the revenue grew from 200 mill to a fantastic 500 mill. 

We wish Børre success and are looking forward to the times to come.


Well-deserved DSA Award

df_award_2014_36021.10.14 The 2014 Branch Party for the Norwegian Direct Selling Association was arranged at Gamle Logen in Oslo on Saturday October 18th. This time Eqology’s DSA Award went to one of the most driven, experienced and well-known distributors – Tore Aakre – based on the following:  
Tore Aakre is one of the most driven, experienced and well-known distributors in the branch. He has a winning and pleasant personality that attracts new people to join our branch with a goal to succeed. Tore has, for many, been the door to a completely new direction in life. Tore Aakre has an especially good ability to figure out a solution and get done anything that needs doing.  Everyone likes to work with Tore – including us who work for the company. We are pleased to have Tore as our top trusted leader – our rock. 


Business Overview with Curtis Broome

02.10.14 Curtis Broome shows how to keep a good business presentation.  

See video



EQ Shake launched this weekend

07.09.14 We have launched our new EQ Shake. See some of the testimonials from our satisfied customers (the video is in Norwegian). 



Register for the event – get a drink ticket


27.08.14 Register for the event by September 1st before 2 pm and receive a free drink ticket for Saturday’s Black & White Party.

Register here 

EQ Black & White Party

eq_b_w_party_322.08.14 The theme for the Saturday night party at the EQ Go Pro Weekend is Black & White Party where we offer a great time and good atmosphere. For the occation we have booked Eqologys’s very own DJ’s Roy & Robert. We can therefore guarantee you good music in good company.

We look forward to seeing you!



Dinner at the Go Pro Weekend

dinner_webshop122.08.14 if you want dinner at the EQ Go Pro Weekend on Saturday, this must be ordered separately by September the 1st. The booking is done in our webshop and you get a separate confirmation sent by email once payment is completed. Remember to take this confirmation with you.

The dinner is an evening buffet consisting of 2 hot dishes, soup, various cold food, salads and dessert. Only 36 Euro.



NEWS from the Norwegian Direct Selling Association

df_award_alle_biz29.07.14 You are invited to the Norwegian Direct Selling Association’s one day seminar 18th of October. Learn from the best, meet all the executive leaders of the companies registered as members of the NDSA and learn from the success stories of the three companies with the largest growth in 2013, Zinzino, PM-International and Eqology by CEO Frank Bjordal.

The event is open to all distributors, so come and learn from their success stories!

WHERE: Gamle Logen, Oslo, Norway
WHEN: 18th of October 2014
TIME: 12.30-16.00
PRICE: 200 NOK incl.VAT

Limited number of seats!



Your testimonial


25.06.14 We want to get YOUR testimonial. Record a movie of yourself with your phone or a webcam for approx. 20 to 30 seconds and tell us why YOU are a satisfied customer and/or distributor in Eqology.

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Our Compensation Plan

kompplan_32222.05.14 Here you will find our updated Compensation Plan (in English).