EQ Pure Arctic Oil



– Pure omega-3 oil from 100 % Arctic wild fish 

With cold-pressed olive oil and vitamin D3 – and an added fresh lemon flavour

EQ Pure Arctic Oil contains pure omega-3 oil from cod, fished from the nutritious, Arctic waters off the Norwegian coast. The oil contains no other fish oils or synthetic additives. The fish oil is MSC and CoC certified, and originates from Norwegian sustainable fishing industry. We have also added polyphenols from a cold-pressed olive oil, vitamin D3 and a fresh lemon flavour.  

Essential Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are highly important in ensuring that all the body’s functions, including the brain, muscles, circulatory and respiratory systems and skin work as they should. Fatty acids are divided into omega-3, -6 and -9. Omega-3 and -6 are essential fatty acids, which mean that we are not able to produce them on our own, but have to get them through our diet or as a supplement. These fatty acids are necessary for the development of the brain, the function of the immune system and the regulation of blood pressure, and it is highly important to get them daily to ensure optimal development. 

A Changing Diet

Before the industrial revolution the Western diet had about as much omega-3 as omega-6. The last 40-50 years have, however, seen big changes in what we eat.  Today we consume a lot of processed foods and vegetable oils from i.a. soy, sunflower and corn, which have up to 80 % omega-6 and little or no omega-3. There is also a notable amount of omega-6 in feed given to the animals that are the source of the animal products we consume – the same can be true for feed given to farmed fish.

Omega-6/Omega-3 Ratio

An imbalance with a large majority of omega-6 fatty acids can be a big problem to your health. Unfortunately this is the case for most of us, without us even knowing it. Today the ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in the typical Western diet is between 10:1 and 20:1. This means that we are getting up to 20 times more omega-6 than we are omega-3. The recommended ratio is under 5:1. During the last decade it has become general knowledge that long-lasting inflammations are a driving factor in several chronic diseases, i.a. cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and obesity. A ratio higher than 5:1 increases the length and severity of inflammatory reactions. Balanced omega-6 and omega-3 could be one of the keys to better health and to reducing chronic illnesses. 


We also added omega-9 fatty acids and high levels of polyphenol antioxidants from a unique cold-pressed, high-quality olive oil that has been awarded the NYIOOC GOLD AWARD. Omega-9 contributes to maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and to balancing blood sugar levels. The solution to preventing inflammatory responses and cardiovascular disease is to increase the intake of high-quality omega-3 and omega-9, instead of merely reducing the intake of omega-6.

The benefits of this oil have been attributed to its high content of oleic acid and the elevated levels of polyphenols. Eqology uses an olive oil supplier that has won the NYIOOC Gold Medal for “Best Olive Oils in the World”. The New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC) is the largest international annual competition that selects the best “extra virgin” olive oils in the World.



Results show that nearly all who have used EQ Pure Arctic Oil for at least 120 days have achieved an improved fatty acid balance.

Recommended dosage

The recommended daily dosage is 0,15 ml per 1kg of body weight. Adults weighing over 50 kg: 7,5 ml (ca.1,5 teaspoons) per day. Adults weighing over 80kg: 12 ml (ca.1 tablespoon) per day. A double dosage is recommended the first month.   

Warning: Please consult your doctor if you are on anticoagulants, pregnant or giving the product to a child under 1 year of age.

Omega-3 has scientifically proven positive health effects: 

  • reduces blood lipids and blood pressure, reduced risk for cardiovascular disease
  • maintains the elasticity of blood vessels
  • improves the capacity of the brain
  • increases the amount of serotonin in the brain and alleviates depression
  • counteracts inflammation in brain cells and blood vessels
  • makes the cellular membrane softer and more flexible


omega-3_indexEQ Omega-6/Omega-3 Ratio Test

You can now get quick information about your omega-6 and omega-3 ratio with a simple home blood test both before and after you start using EQ Pure Arctic Oil. Check out your results on eqologytest.com after 10 -14 days.



30_days_money_backMoney Back Guarantee

When ordering EQ Pure Arctic Oil PLUS with tests, you can ask for your money refunded if your ratio is better than 3:1 after your first EQ Ratio Test. 

To claim this guarantee, return the unopened bottle – and we will then cancel your 12 month subscription and refund the amount. Valid for 30 days. 




Omega-3 – from the Arctic Ocean 

The omega-3 oil in EQ Pure Arctic Oil is comprised of DHA and EPA concentrates from cod fished by fisheries situated in the Arctic Ocean. The MSC and CoC certified production facility Pharma Marine uses newly developed technology that includes an extensive cleansing process. This makes it possible for them to use highly nutritious marine material as a basis for manufacturing pure, sustainable omega-3 products of an especially fine quality.



EQ Pure Arctic Oil – here is howhow_to_en

Here is how to test your fatty acid balance and start using EQ Pure Arctic Oil. 







EQ Pure Arctic Oil films 

We have several new films about EQ Pure Arctic Oil, that we hope you will find useful in your work as Eqology’s Business Partner.