Eqology is a Norwegian listed company that sells health supplements.

The company was established in 1998 and is based on a direct sale model, where costly middlemen are excluded.  

Marketing is done through a network of independent Business Partners who recruit new customers. In this line of business, Eqology provides one of the best provision systems, and a well-functioning support system.

You could either make a solid extra income, or a solid income in which you could easily live well off. You will have the opportunity to become part of a social network, attend different courses, arrangements, and travel with your colleagues.


Health care straight home

Your health is valuable, and Eqology is proud to offer the cleanest and best-composed products on the market within health food, nutricosmetics and skin care.

It is important that our products are easily accessible, at the best possible price. Hence our concept; Natural health food, nutricosmetics and skin care – straight home! This way you can easily take care of your health every day and every month for the rest of your life! 


The health sector is expanding

The industry is growing rapidly. Health and wellness products have a turnover of USD 500 billion worldwide, 3 billion in Norway. Most of us are becoming more concerned with and aware of which factors that improve our health – it has become a trend.

You now have the opportunity to work within one of the world’s fastest growing business sectors, with a company that offers unique and up-to-date products. 

You have the choice, we lay the foundation for your success.